Nairobi, Kenya

Design FAQ

Easy peasy in a number of steps

  1. You will send me your ideas/vision
  2. We’ll assess the situation/project and talk it over
  3. I’ll brainstorm the idea over chocolate milk
  4. I’ll send you concept designs in 3-5 days
  5. You will tell me your thoughts
  6. I will tweak and send you the final files in various formats
  7. ta-da!

A finished project is yours upon receipt of final payment. Usually by email or Google Drive link

All projects are unique and i outline the minimum time required for each project in our preliminary email. For most small design projects I deliver projects between 2-5 days. Clients are advised to allow ample time for design and edits to be done

ALL your lovely ideas! I work primarily to deliver your vision with my art and execution. I am happy to receive all your ideas through phone/email. Send me pictures, pinterests, instagrams, everything pertaining to what you would like to finally see

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